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The rug "Walnut Diagonal" is based on the percentage of protein, fat, carbohydrate and the rest of the content from walnut.
All the dots in this rug is equivalent to a total of 100% of the nutritional content of walnut.
"Walnut Diagonal" contains of 600 lowered and raised dots. Each dot corresponds to 0.167% of the nutrition inside the walnut.
84 dots has a very light color, a very high pile height and represents 14% protein.
372 dots has a light color, a high pile height and represents 62% fat.
78 dots has a dark color, a low pile height and represents 13% carbohydrates.
66 dots has a very dark color, a very low pile height and represents 11% others.
The pattern is inspired from diagonals. Enjoy!

  • Product: Rug
  • Name: Walnut Diagonal
  • Color: 5 Brown tones
  • Material: 100% New Zealand wool
  • Size: 200x300 cm
  • Production: Hand-tufted
  • Wash: Dry clean
  • Code: 7300000000117

Did you know that there are other similar words and synonyms for rug. Like carpet , runner and wallhanging.

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